Three Weeks

Miss Julie

Act Provocateur International

This contemporary take on August Strindberg’s classic tale ‘Miss Julie’, challenges traditional class conflicts through a chilling performance fuelled by sex, violence, death and power. The servants’ quarters of a stately home play the backdrop to this dark psychological drama which sees a disturbingly realistic performance of a night of fateful power struggles between a lustful tease and her violent and malicious servant. As the lady of the house loses control and becomes fearfully submissive to the crazed and calculating servant, a blanket of suspense, tension and uncertainty sweeps over the venue. Containing numerous scenes of vicious sexual domination and heartfelt submission, this superbly acted play is wonderfully, yet uncomfortably gripping.


Miss Julie

I have become quite a fan of Act Provocateur International this Fringe, and their production of Miss Julie, based on August Strindberg was the fifth of their shows I have seen this year.

Set in the servants quarters of a stately home, Jan, Shaban Arifi, the Counts driver, and his fellow servant and lover Kristin, Aubrye Woodruff, are interrupted when Miss Julie, Trine Thielen, the Count's daughter gatecrashes after a night of drinking.
The resulting illicit sexual action between Julie and Jan leads to a power struggle between them and the balance surely flows the way of the driver.
But will love or lust conqueror all, or will it all go badly wrong.
The only way to find out is to and witness yet another example of this company’s edgy performances.

Miss Julie

Reviewer: Lucy Pattison, UK

This play gripped me from the start. The whole audience seemed enraptured. It is quite a strange play, exploring classes and sex. Miss Julie was played beautifully, provoking thoughts of pity for her. I could have watched this actress all night, as she had such stage presence. Well worth watching – it kept my interests even though I was tired after a full day of top quality theatre!