Reviews of Cherry Orchard

"Cherry Orchard in Fringe Theatre" by lisa samuelson


Oh my god, Cherry Orchard in fringe.

Well, it has been adapted and directed by a Russian director, so no wonder it is that great. Being a fan of Chekhov you just don't think that his plays can work on fringe.

Well, it did happen in Lion & Unicorn Theatre, under direction of Victor Sobchak.

This is not the full Cherry Orchard but it works and it is definitely entertaining.

Review of Cherry Orchard

"If Only Chekhov Was Alive" by elaine murphy


Cherry Orchard is one of the most difficult plays ever written, once its put on stage, you'll either love it or hate it, there is no question about it.
This production of Cherry Orchard, adapted and directed by Victor Sobchak casts its spell. He has managed to make this show very entertaining and moving at the same time.

The cast are brilliant, every single one of them. The honors of the evening go to Shaban Arifi who plays Lophakin.
His monologue about buying the cherry orchard is a master class.


Cherry Orchard