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The proverbs says:

“Tell me how much the government spends on ART and I’ll tell  you in what state your country is in...”

Unfortunately we are living in times when governments ignore ART and cultivate the ‘civilization’ of consumerism.  

Voltaire said:

“In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.”

Unfortunately nothing has  changed from Voltaire’s times and Art is not on the receiving end of the governments ‘benefaction’...


So we’re asking you to help us carry on our creative work and to ease our struggle.

We are not asking for  help with our earnings, we’re  just asking for  help to stretch the (usual ‘shoestring’) theatre budget for better quality  productions and an opportunity for us to take part in festivals...

It can be any sort of donations, but if you prefer you can help us with specific targets.


Here some examples:



Pay to:

Theatre Collection.

Account No. 11508830  Sort code: 40-04-03 HSBC Bank


Send your cheque to:

‘Theatre Collection’ (‘The Lord Stanley’ 51 Camden Park Road, NW1 9BH, London, UK)


SIMPLE DONATION - help us to run the ‘Theatre Collection’


NAMED DONATION - to help us with any of the ‘TC’ projects of your choice



Your donation can either be anonymous or if you prefer, give us your name and we shall proudly use it on this site and in other ‘TC’ Internet and printed publicity.

A Big Thank You!

For all of you who have  already helped us!

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