TWO Silent Screams is a daring attempt to look at true human desperation and self­-loathing. The story centres on an 18-year-old gap year student, Louise (played courageously by Trine Van Thielen-MacPhail) who is raped by a stranger, Tom (Andy McQuade). She is then forced to partake in his hideous power games in order to survive.

Credit must be given to Act Provocateur International's staging of an exploration into the way humans inflict physi­cal and emotional pain on one other, but ultimately the script lacks substance.

The rapist, supposedly abused as a child, has appar­ently found a release for his anger in raping random young girls and then subject­ing them to his suicidal rants and schizophrenic behaviour. Tom is presented as a man who on the one hand believes he deserves to die as punish­ment for his acts, and on the other, has no intention in giving up his position of power.


The most interesting part is seeing the transformation of Louise from a normal teenag­er to one who is fully aware of the implications this attack will have. As the play pro­gresses a girl who is initially brave enough to talk her attacker out of suicide later changes into one desperate enough take her own life.

Full marks should be given to director Victor Sobchak for making a fundamentally sim­ple set seem so disturbing and disgusting. The lighting changes, which introduce outside characters such as the police, are, every effective, but the script seems to succumb to bland clichés at these points, which makes the attack seem less horrific.

Overall a respectable attempt, but unconvincing none the less.

            FRANZISKA THOMAS (Camden New Journal 10 April 2003)

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