The THEATRE COLLECTION was founded in 2009 by Victor Sobchak (Artistic Director) Outstanding Acievement Award 2011 and Shaban Arifi (Producer and Actor)

TC is the sequel of the highly acclaimed ‘ART-VIC’(Anglo-Russian Theatre) and ‘Act Provocateur Int.’ With a history spanning for 20 years.

During this period our companies have produced over 100 productions which gained great interest and awards from  both audiences and Press all over the world.

We have performed at 11 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals and in various National and International festivals in USA, Africa, Europe and Russia.

TC will continue to justify its name presenting to the audience a collection of very different styles: from medieval farce to experimental theatre,  from classic to modern International drama and new writing.








































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After Bulgakov

The Master is an aspiring playwright, driven to spurn his profession when zealously atheistic theatre-administrators and critics dismiss his only play – concerning Pontius Pilate, and the condemnation of Jesus – as reactionary, pro-religious propaganda. Nevertheless, The Master’s devoted mistress, Margarita, believes in the greatness of his dramatic work, and to salvage it (and their love), she attends a strange festive gathering. Amongst the guests at this party are some of Hell’s most notorious residents … because its host is Satan himself, who appears in the form of the sinister – and supernaturally powerful – Professor Woland. And it is with him that Margarita must strike a deal, if fulfilment – albeit in the afterlife – is to be achieved.




at ‘The Baron’s Court Theatre’


“…Centurians, a drunken bitching session between the theatre manager and the critics, The Devil and his assistants: a lipstick loving, camp sociopath, a characterful black cat and a scantily clad, sexually charged female. - the flirtation and chemistry between The Master and Margarita is strong with stand out performances from the two leads.” (Time Out)

March 9 to March 26             Wednesday-to-Saturday at 7.30pm

This adaptation is a composite of Chekhov’s story Ward No. 6, and excerpts from elsewhere in Russian literature. The asylum’s occupants reach out to us – crossing the fine line separating the ‘insane’ from those of us deemed ‘sane’ – as characters appear from Chekhov’s major plays (including The Seagull, Three Sisters, and Uncle Vanya). Meanwhile, the benign Doctor Ragin tries to help his patients – but will he too be crushed by institutional power? Listen out for the soliloquies (spoken by Anton) that feature witty extracts from absurdist writer Daniil Kharms. In 1941, Kharms was committed to a psychiatric ‘hospital’, where he died as a result of maltreatment. Similarly, these lost souls seem condemned to living death … but as Anton tells us: "The dead are a category to be reckoned with".




by Chekhov

“Most disturbing and equally morbid…” (The Stage)


March 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 at 7.30pm; March 12, 19 at 3pm;

March 13, 20 at 6.30pm


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Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

Humbert Humbert is a middle-aged academic who, becomes sexually obsessed by the woman’s under-aged daughter. Humbert’s loss of his childhood-love instilled in him a disturbing erotic passion – a passion that is now projected onto the troubled ‘nymphet’ Lolita, who herself has undergone a sort of ‘arrested development’, following the death of her father. This up-to-date adaptation of Nabokov’s 1955 novel is at once provocative, comical, moving, tragic, and very discomforting.

“…Imaginary masterpiece…” (Herald)



February 10 - March 6 (in English version)


Wednesday - Saturday at 7.30pm

Sundays at 6.30pm


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